Added Benefits

In addition to the fully-inclusive benefits you can also take advantage of our range of employee extras which we have carefully constructed to ensure that you get the best out of your umbrella. These benefits include:

Childcare voucher scheme

Are you a working parent? Do you pay a registered childcare provider? If so you may benefit from receiving childcare vouchers as part of your salary package. Exchange up to £55.00 per week or £243.00 per month for childcare vouchers and this part of the income is exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions. Eligible parents can save up to £2,392.00 per year on their childcare costs.

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Ride to work scheme

Do you cycle to work? If so you may benefit from buying your bicycle through our ride to work scheme. Bicycles are purchased using a prepaid voucher at one of many retailers, the cycle is 'owned' by the company and 'loaned' to you. You repay the loan back through your payroll. The benefit to you are the savings you can make in both taxation and national insurance on the purchase value of the cycle.

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Refer a friend scheme

For every friend you refer that is placed on assignment through Lesters Umbrella, we will reward you with gift vouchers worth £50 that can be spent in up to 80 UK retailers such as Debenhams, Argos and Boots.

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Assistance opening a personal bank account.

We have partnered with two banking partners, offering our workers the opportunity to apply to open personal bank accounts online. This is an alternative to using a high street bank, which can often be time-consuming and stressful.

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Worldwide travel insurance

We have partnered with a leading travel and healthcare organisation providing worldwide business travel insurance including repatriation and emergency evacuation, where necessary.

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Access to discounted flights, accommodation and more.

Our Lesters Concierge service is the complete travel and accommodation booking tool.  Rather than troll through the internet looking for the best deals, why not let us do this for you, and its free to use.  So whether you are looking for flights, rent a car, hotel stays or apartments, give our specialist team a call and let them get you the best deals possible.  One simple email, or call and we will do the rest for you.

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Access to industry leading foreign exchange services.

We partner with a leading foreign exchange service provider. This allows us to make salary payments (after UK tax and NI deductions ) to overseas bank accounts with minimum fuss, 4%-5% better exchange rates than those offered by the high street and no transactional charges. 

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Access to independent financial advice for retirement plans and other investments.

We have enlisted the help of Independent Financial Advisors; Millfield Capital to provide our workers with tailored financial planning solutions that reflect the unique manner in which you work.

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