INCLUSIVE - End Of Year Tax Return Service

Inclusive End Of Year Tax Return Service!

By using one of Lesters solutions in our portfolio, you will be able to take advantage of an INCLUSIVE End Of Year Tax Return service once you have completed 30 weeks' worth of payroll!

From April 6th 2016, the "New Era" had brought further difficulty to most contractors across all industries & the inability to claim for certain expenses. With further changes from April 6th 2021, to help soften the blow of having to take on extra administration & expenditure, let Lesters Accounting provide the following services:

The End Of Year Tax Return will include:

- Assistance with Self-Assessment Registration if reuired or P87

- Deal with all your contract income

- Include employment income, pensions, benefits & expenses

- Complete your tax return & all necessary schedules

- Calculate your tax position

- Send you a full copy & explanatory notes

- File your return online to H M Revenue & Customs

- Deal with the Revenue on your behalf

- Be available for all your tax queuries & questions

- Plus, capital gains, investments & 1 rental property can be inlcuded too

**Criteria: This will be inclusive once 30 weeks of payroll services have been uitlised by the worker**


If you have not met the criteria, don't worry...

This service can be purchased between £100-£200 depending on the complexity of your return. Prices are excluding VAT.

Please call +44(0)208 735 6370 for more information or email