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Our services for ID Medical workers, post April 2020

Lesters have worked with ID Medical for over 13 years supplying specialist accounting, tax and payroll services to their locum doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and clerical workers.

As you may be aware, Government have made some significant changes to the IR35 legislation which are due to come into full affect at the start of the new financial year, April 6th 2020.

These changes in legislation will effect all private sector workers now too in addition to public sector workers, who provide their services via their own Limited company (PSC).

These changes are likely to have a significant negative impact on an individual's take home pay.

How can Lesters help?

To comply with the upcoming changes we have designed payroll and accountancy services specifically to deal with upcoming legislative changes. Lesters will provide these services at a reduced rate for those individuals working via ID medical.


Lesters Umbrella – our PAYE solution where your tax & national insurances are managed by us, allowing you to maintain your contractual rate and work on multiple assignments but keeping all of your finances secured in one place, with Lesters.  For more information, click here.

Limited Company

Lesters Limited Inside IR35 – our Limited Company services that include the management of IR35 deemed payments.  If you already have a Limited Company, this means that you can continue to operate through the company with deductions made at source. For more information, click here.

If you would like to speak to us about any of the above,

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